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Five girls are on holiday without their Boyfriends.They are walking on a beach when they are attracted to the sight of a Beautiful five storey hotel.Wishing to check in Immediately they walk in.They are greeted by a Charming hotel manager who tells them " Go up to each storey and you will see a sign.If you like what you see,we`ll put you up there " So the 5 Girlfriends take the lift to the floor above where they see this sign "All the men here have no money and are short and ugly " The girls laugh and move off.On the next storey they are met by this sign " All the men here have money but are short and plain " The girls continue on their way.At the third floor the sign says " All the men here have money and are tall,but ugly " The girls smile and move on.On the fourth floor the sign says "  All the men here have money and are tall and handsome " This excites the girls and they are about to go get registered when they remember that there is one more storey above.So curiously they head up there.At the top they see this sign " There are no men here.This floor was just built only to prove that there is just no way to please a woman "

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